Sunday, December 3, 2017

Forex Master Levels Review - What I Like and What is Missing From It

Forex Master Levels is a manual trading system for the Forex market developed by Nicola Delic, a trader who achieved great personal success as a trader and decided to share his system with other traders as well.

Forex Master Levels achieved great popularity among traders as it was quite obvious from the very beginning that this was a truly high quality system that was worth considering. In fact, Nicola Delic did something special: he started out small by sharing his system with a small number of beta-testers before he made it available to the general public.

This was the validation stage. Each beta-tester ran the system independently and reported on the results they achieved. This kind of transparency is not something that many Forex product creators do and it added to the credibility of Russ Horn and his system.

The reported results and testimonials of Forex Master Levels are certainly impressive. When you get the system you can't help but feel that you've made a good choice because the product is well crafted with comprehensive video tutorials and a written manual.

The system itself is easy to work with. You load it up into your MT4 platform and let it run. Then, you need to follow the indicators as the course explains and simply place your high probability trades at the right times. You also get exit guidelines to make sure you can get out of each trade automatically at the right time.

If this system is so great, why do I say that there is something missing about it?

The thing that's missing has nothing to do with Forex Master Levels itself. It's a good trading method and I believe you can make money with it. However, I also believe that it failed to touch upon an important part of a trader's experience and one which you have to master in order to become a truly successful trader.

I'm talking about the psychology of trading, being able to control your emotions and prevent them from sabotaging your trading decisions.

Trading is an intensive and harrowing business. No wonder that so many traders, even when they have excellent systems, still end up losing money on Forex. Unless you're able to live with the tension involved and still make the right decisions, no system will be enough.

This is the true challenge most traders fail in. It's easy to buy a system like Forex Master Levels. Unless you're able to use it right in stressful situations, you will not succeed. This is what's missing from Forex Master Levels. Other than that, it's a great system.

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