Thursday, December 7, 2017

FML Forex Robot Review

We live in a world that focuses on winners and sort of ignores runner-ups. In the recently concluded Forex Robot World Cup, for instance, all attention was given to the LMD-Multicurrency robot which came in first with an impressive return of 145.60% in the two months of the competition and ignored the second place winner, the FML Forex Robot which got an 88.11% return.

In this article I want to go over how the FML robot did and tell you why I think this is a robot that should not be ignored and may even be the best choice among the winning robots of the Forex Robot World Cup.

Here are some facts about the Forex Master Levels robot:

1. This is a one currency pair robot. It trades the EUR/USD pair alone.

2. It places both Buy and Sell orders in almost equal numbers. As the competition ended after two months it is safe to say that had it run longer, the number of both orders would have been virtually the same.

3. It traded close to 300 times during the competition so it trades multiple times a day on average.

4. It began with a $1000 initial deposite in its live account, as had all the robots of the FRWC, but ended with $1,881 in its account, an 88.11%.

This is all very impressive. I don't know of any trader who will disregard an 88.11% return in just two months. It's remarkable. However, the winner of the competition, LMD-Multicurrency got a 145.60% return and was the proud winner. There is a huge gap in the returns these two robots got. Why are we even bothering with the FML Forex robot?

The reason is that by looking at the charts of these two robots we see that FML has a much smoother curve. It hardly has any losses and has minimal drawdowns. LMD-Multicurrency had a 34.06% drawdown during the competition, while Forex Master Levels had a 3.26% drawdown. This is a huge difference and signifies that FML is actually the safer robot.

This may have also made it the winner had the competition lasted for a longer period of time. It certainly seems like the safer robot of the two.

As you do get both of these robots when you buy the Forex Master Levels you don't need to choose between them. However, I recommend trying out FML yourself to see how it does for you and not just use the winner.

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