Sunday, December 3, 2017

3 Forex Trading Education Fields You Need to Master to Succeed

Most traders don't invest enough of their time in getting a proper Forex trading education. Learning how to trade Forex is a must if you ever want to achieve any kind of long lasting success, even a mediocre one.

The problem is that most of the Forex trading resources available today are partial. Even the good ones. These resources don't cover the three pillars of successful Forex trading and so they leave you with a pretty shaky basis to work with.

What are the 3 pillars you need to know in order to have any hope of achieving long term Forex success?

1. Knowing how to work with charts and actual trading - There is no doubt that learning to read charts and work with a charting and trading software can be a tad boring and tedious. Tough luck. There is no way to trade efficiently without it. You have to learn the nuts and bolts of the actual trading process: how to read charts, how to work with indicators, how to place Stop Loss and Take Profit prices, how to enter into a trade, and so on. Unless you know this, you can't really trade at all.

2. Knowing when to place trades and when to get out. This is what most Forex trading education products teach. This is where traders think the money is even when it's not really there. Knowing how to analyze the market and to know when is a good time to enter and exit a trade is very important. In fact, unless you're able to place high probability trades over and over again, you have very little chance of ever achieving success. So, learning a good Forex trading method is very important for you to succeed.

3. Learning Forex mental fitness. With so many good methods on the market, why do so many traders lose money? The answer is simple: their psychology is shaky. I don't mean that they're crazy only that they can't handle the pressure and anxiety of active trading in such a volatile market as Forex.

This leads to irrational behavior and costly emotional trading mistakes, the kind that can make you crazy afterward when you see how stupid you acted when all you have to do was follow your method.

More Forex education sources don't deal adequately with mental fitness. Until you do deal with it, you're a disaster waiting to happen.

So, aim to learn all 3 of these skill groups and you'll have a chance of being a super Forex trader.

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