Forex Trading Robots: Why Do They Lose Money Despite the Track Records Being Profitable?

You will see numerous cheap Forex trading robots and they all claim track records of huge profits but when users trade them they all lose money - so why do they lose? If we look at the track records in more detail, you can see why.

Firs of all, if you really could make a huge income every month and make no effort, the whole world would be trading and no one would bother to work! Naïve and greedy traders really think there on the road to financial freedom by spending a couple of hundred of bucks but they soon get a reality check.

Have you ever seen a cheap Forex trading robot with an audited track record from a reputable source?

I have never seen one and the reason you don't is simple, they have never made the money they claim too, in fact most have never even be traded in real time. They either give you a simulated track record going backwards over past data and bend their system to the data to make a profit or they simply just present figures with no outside check. They present live proof or trading account data but the problem is no one has checked its correct!

I have been trading Forex for 22 years and these cheap get rich quick systems have always been around and they always will be, because there are such a huge amount of people who let their greed get the better of them and buy these trading systems, without thinking about the fact that if making money was so easy, everyone would be trading Forex and no one would bother to work.

If you want to win at Forex trading, you need to make an effort but for the amount of effort you have to make, the rewards can be life changing. If you want to win, do your homework, learn the basics and within a few weeks you could be making great gains trading global currencies from home.