Saturday, December 9, 2017

Is Forex Master Levels the Right Course For You?

Buying a Forex course may not be as hard as buying a pair of shoes which have to fit you perfectly, but you still need to go for a product that suits you, your lifestyle, your trading style, and your overall preferences and situation.

In this article I want to help you see whether or not the Forex Master Levels course by Nicola Delic is right for you, whether or not this is something that you should get for yourself to improve your trading skills.

Here are a few things you need to think about:


This is far from a cheap course. It's sold for just under $1,000. This may not be the highest price I've ever seen for a Forex course, and it is certainly far cheaper than many live seminars, but it is still a tidy sum which you may or may not be able to invest at the moment. I say invest because improving your trading education is something that can make you money and so it's not spending money but investing it.

That being said, I wouldn't go into debt or use some of your kid's college fund to get any course, this one included. Make sure you can comfortably afford this course before getting it.

Can you study

There are times in my life when I'm practically incapable of learning anything new. I'm not stupid or anything, just impatient. After a while it passes and I once again can bring myself to really focus on something new and absorb it the right way.

Forex Master Levels includes several hours worth of video tutorials. Ask yourself if you're in a learning mood or not. If not, then don't get it this time around even if it's not going to be offered again for months. You will not learn from it. It takes a lot of concentration and some time to master this course so make sure you're up for it.

Your trading style

Each trader has his or her own trading style. Some like to do swing trading, others scalping, and there are those who love day trading. It is the latter kind that this course is for. Forex Master Levels is a day trading course. This is a skill which every trader should know about and possess, but it's still only for day traders.

Therefore, if you don't want to do any day trading, then I recommend that you don't get this course as it's not for you. Find something that fits your own style. If you do like day trading, then FML is definitely for you.

Do you like to trade

Some people don't really want to become their own traders. They prefer to use automatic robots or to have someone else manager their funds for them. This is a viable way to be part of the Forex market and I respect that. If you're such a person there's really no point of getting a course such as FIE 2.0 as it teaches you how to trade yourself.

This kind of knowledge is important for your long term success, but it's your choice to make.

Overall, this is a high level, advanced course, so you can expect to learn a lot from it. Just make sure that it's right for you.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

FML Forex Robot Review

We live in a world that focuses on winners and sort of ignores runner-ups. In the recently concluded Forex Robot World Cup, for instance, all attention was given to the LMD-Multicurrency robot which came in first with an impressive return of 145.60% in the two months of the competition and ignored the second place winner, the FML Forex Robot which got an 88.11% return.

In this article I want to go over how the FML robot did and tell you why I think this is a robot that should not be ignored and may even be the best choice among the winning robots of the Forex Robot World Cup.

Here are some facts about the Forex Master Levels robot:

1. This is a one currency pair robot. It trades the EUR/USD pair alone.

2. It places both Buy and Sell orders in almost equal numbers. As the competition ended after two months it is safe to say that had it run longer, the number of both orders would have been virtually the same.

3. It traded close to 300 times during the competition so it trades multiple times a day on average.

4. It began with a $1000 initial deposite in its live account, as had all the robots of the FRWC, but ended with $1,881 in its account, an 88.11%.

This is all very impressive. I don't know of any trader who will disregard an 88.11% return in just two months. It's remarkable. However, the winner of the competition, LMD-Multicurrency got a 145.60% return and was the proud winner. There is a huge gap in the returns these two robots got. Why are we even bothering with the FML Forex robot?

The reason is that by looking at the charts of these two robots we see that FML has a much smoother curve. It hardly has any losses and has minimal drawdowns. LMD-Multicurrency had a 34.06% drawdown during the competition, while Forex Master Levels had a 3.26% drawdown. This is a huge difference and signifies that FML is actually the safer robot.

This may have also made it the winner had the competition lasted for a longer period of time. It certainly seems like the safer robot of the two.

As you do get both of these robots when you buy the Forex Master Levels you don't need to choose between them. However, I recommend trying out FML yourself to see how it does for you and not just use the winner.

For more on this EA, visit FML Reviews and Charts

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is Forex Trading Like a Casino?

One of the things a good friend said to me when I told him I was interested in Forex trading is that I'm just wasting my time and soon my money. Forex is like a Casino, he said. There's no skill to it. You just risk your money and hope for the best.

This is actually the opinion of many people, even highly intelligent ones. They look on trading the currency market as mere gambling, something which is ultra-dangerous and even financially ruin.

Is this really the case or has Forex got a bad rap for no reason?

The truth is that Forex is far from gambling. You can learn it and there are various rules that you can apply to help you better trade your money.

For one thing, Forex is not like rolling a dice. The market is affected in real time by outside events, news, financial decisions, interest rates, and many more variables. Hardly like Bingo now, is it?

For another, it is quite clear that there are trading methods and systems which work better than others. They make use of all sorts of calculations, models, statistical analysis, and algorithms. While most of us may not understand how these things work, it's not enough to suddenly call Forex a Casino because of it. Quite clearly, there are methodologies that can help make Forex a less than a 50-50 game of chance.

You should also take into consideration the fact that Forex isn't just about winning or losing trades, it's also about knowing how to manage your trades as a business. There's a reason why the top courses and methods employ detailed risk and money management guidelines. Forex is a real business which requires a true determination and a set of skills to plan and execute correctly. Anyone who thinks this is easy as using a slot machine and hoping for the best should head on to Vegas, not trade Forex.

Forex is not a Casino if you take it seriously and spend the time to learn how to do it right. This is why it's called trading, not gambling. While luck adds something to the equation in all areas of life, to succeed in Forex you need a lot more than dumb luck: you need a true understanding or the market, a viable trading method, and the necessary education to know how to act in the market.

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Forex Master Levels Reviews - Learn Forex Trading the Right Way

The search for high quality Forex trading courses and systems is often a frustrating one. There are many systems and courses which look good on the surface but are anything but good in reality. To find a good one you often need to go through several low quality systems.

I believe that Forex Master Levels is a system that will not disappoint you. In fact, I found it to be one of the most high quality systems that I ever had a chance to go through.

First of all, the program has information which is actually new. Many trading courses and systems are simple rehashed material (if not outright stolen information) that won't really give you any edge in the market place. While achieving perfect or complete knowledge of the market is impossible, what you can and should aspire to is an advantage over other traders. I believe that Forex Mastery provides such an advantage.

To read more about this course, click here: Nicola Delic Forex Mastery Review.

This advantage comes from the Bias and Key numbers this system uses. These are special and proprietary support and resistance levels which are continually updated for each currency pair. These help you place high probability trades and secure a greater profit potential. This is part of that edge I was referring to.

The Bias and Key numbers are explained in a 5 part course which you can access online at any time. The course is relatively simple and easy to follow. I also like the fact that it's not long or tedious. The guys from Forex Master Levels did not try to fill up their tutorials with useless stuff to make them look better or more knowledgeable.

But this system has more than just a course. It also has various unique software tools which help you trade more efficiently, quickly, and easily.

One of these software programs is the M3 Forex Navigator which helps you put the Bias and Key numbers into action. I like how this software makes it easy to find solid entry points across multiple time frames. This is part of what makes Forex Master Levels a system that can be used by traders of all styles: day traders, position traders, end of day traders, and swing traders.

The other software is called Market Scanner. This is a nifty tool which is a sort of dashboard of the upcoming trades the market may be cooking up for you. You won't need to pore over charts 24/7. Just use this tool and you will be able to get into the market when the moment is right without too much hassle.

Yes, this system is not too cheap. However, the price actually limits the number of traders that will be using it, securing you that edge. In addition, this system is just worth it, in my opinion.

If you're looking for a high quality course. This is the real deal.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Forex Trading - The Most Common Currencies Used in the Forex Market

The Forex market is where you trade currencies. You buy one currency by selling another. In essence, what you're always trading are currency pairs, make up of two currencies, in which the price of the pair is the value ration between one currency and the other. For instance, if we take the EUR/USD pair and say its value today is 1.4000, it means that each Euro which is the first currency in the pair is worth 1.4000 US Dollars.

There are dozens of currency pairs in the Forex market as there are many countries in the world. These currency pairs are usually divided into two groups: Forex majors and Forex exotics.

The Forex Majors are a group of 6-7 pairs which make up the bulk of the trading volume in the market. These include the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD. As you can see, the currencies of the Eurozone, Britain, US, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, and Australia are represented.

In this small group the 4 earlier pairs in the list are a group among themselves as they are truly the center of the market. There are currency traders who trade these pairs alone as they're the ones with the most volume, lower spreads, and offer better trading opportunities.

In addition, many of the trading tools and methods are made with the majors in mind and may not work as well, or at all, for the exotics.

The exotic pairs, which are basically everything that's left, are usually traded rather thinly and often have higher spreads, the commissions Forex brokers keep for themselves. This makes them less appealing to trade.

If you're a beginner trader, I recommend sticking with the Major Pairs until you get more experience. For one thing, much of the education material available is better formed for the Forex majors. Second, you can build a successful Forex venture with these pairs alone without ever having to trade with the exotics due to the high volume. Third, the low spreads are especially important when you're just starting out until you learn how to take bigger profits from the market.

Later, as you become a better trader, you can begin experimenting with exotic pairs but know that they may behave totally differently than the majors so they may require special care and attention. For now, stick with the majors and study them well.

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How to Analyze Forex Trading Charts

One of the main things you need to know in order to succeed in currency trading is how to analyze Forex trading charts. Naturally, this is a topic which whole books are written about so this article can only be a partial look at this important and massive topic.

Nevertheless, I will try to give you a broad but useful rundown as to what you need to do to be able to read Forex charts and work with them for your own long term success.

At the top of each Forex chart you will see a few important details you need to know about: the currency pair in question and the timeframe of the chart. There are numerous currency pairs you can rade as you always buy one currnecy with another or sell one for another. Some of the more common currency pairs are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GPB/USD. There are dozens of pairs and you need to be aware which is the one the chart you're looking at is dealing with.

On each chart you will see a representation of the prices of this currency pair. On some charts this is represented by simple lines, but most traders work with candlestick charts. To analyze Forex trading charts you need to be able to figure out which timeframe each candle signifies. These can range from as little as 5 minutes (or even less) to days and weeks.

Each trading style uses different time frames. Scalpers can use 5 minute charts, day traders may use 15 minutes while end of the day traders use the daily charts. In all the charts, the candles are displayed the same depending on the price changes.

Each candle has a central body and possibly an upper and/or lower wick. One end of the body shows the starting price, the one that existed at the beginning of the timeframe. The other end shows the closing price. You can tell which is which by the color of the body. A red color signifies a lower closing price, so the upper edge of the body is the starting price. A green or blue color signifies a higher closing so the ends are reversed. The end of the upper wick signifies that highest price reached during this timeframe but not necessarily the closing time. The end of the lower wick shows the lowest price reaches within this timeframe.

Now that you know how to read candles, you can analyze Forex trading charts by following trends and patterns. To make it easier to do so, you can use indicators which follow the market and indicate patterns and trends within it. For instance, you can see a graph of a moving average, or RSI, to state two examples. There are dozens of indicators and each method uses different ones together.

However, you can now easily follow any chart and improve your trading potential.

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Find the Forex Tools You Need to Succeed

As with any business, Forex trading requires using the right tools and systems in order to make it a long term and lasting success. However, finding the right tools is not an easy feat with all the many software programs, brokers, courses and so on that are available for traders today.

Let's go over what you absolutely need to trade forex and what you may choose to get.

Mandatory tools

1. Broker - Since you can't trade without one you will need to find a reliable broker to trade through. I say reliable because this is the main thing your broker needs to be. Any other kinds of things your broker gives you like short courses, updates, and so on is of lesser importance. You need your broker to provide you with the most updated quotes from the market, be able to execute trades quickly, and be honest with your money. All that falls under the term reliable.

2. Charting software - Most brokers will supply this but you also need to know how to operate a charting software and read the charts it provides. No, you don't have to understand each and every indicator there is as there are dozens and many of them will not be used by you or your current trading methods, but you do need to be able to work with those indicators that your method does make use of

What you should get

1. I happen to firmly believe in getting a proper Forex trading education and expanding it all the time. While you don't need any course to trade Forex technically, I doubt you will last very long unless you know what you're doing. Forex is a tricky business and you should always be on the lookout for new ways to get an edge in the market. Remember, you're not the only trader out there. If you don't improve your skills, your adversaries undoubtedly will and you may end up weaker than the others and more open to losses.

What you may get

1. A Forex robot - These are automatic trading softwares that can trade on your behalf automatically. While you do not learn anything about the market by letting some tool trade on your behalf and you remain dependent on it, it is still a viable way to make some money on Forex.

2. A signaling service - This kind of service again leaves you with no independent trading knowledge but you execute the trades yourself. You just get entry and exit signals from someone else. I do recommend testing any service or robot that you decide to get.

These are the forex tools you can use to trade currencies.